Cycling Congress Expo 2019
On March 28−30 a thematic exhibition will take place in the lobby of the Sevkabel Port as a part of the 4th Cycling Congress in Saint Petersburg.
SHULZ is a manufacturer of folding bikes, scooters and kids bikes. The brand was established in 2008 in Saint Petersburg, at the same time with creation of the first model SHULZ GOA. It is a beautiful, compact and inexpensive folding bike for daily use. Looking at the market's needs the company annually expanded the model range, which currently has ten models. In 2017 SHULZ decided to expand the scope of its activities and launched a line of kids bikes, running bikes and scooters.
The company Velogorod has been the operator of city bike rental in Saint Petersburg since 2014. Within a five-year period hundreds of thousands of citizens and guests of Saint Petersburg traveled comfortably and quickly through the northern capital. More than 170 thousand trips only for the 2018 season show incredible popularity of bike rental. Velogorod was the first company in Russia that applied a unique domestic bike rental system, including autonomous automated stations, Russian-made bicycles and special software. is a social network for cyclists, bike tourists and bike lovers. One can join the network and create a personal account, register a bike or its components to see their usage. There is also an opportunity to create routes in a route constructor and to import/export to any bike computer in format GPX and KML or just use it in an app available for iOS and Android. One can also check-in on the route, create communities, events, share the routes and find friends. There is no need to make a choice between apps.
Gamp is a brand manufacturer of raincoats from Saint Petersburg. Its raincoats are designed for those who don't want to change their plans. Gamp raincoats are suitable for any outdoor activity: cycling, scootering, hiking or city walks. The company has combined the best developments in the field of high-tech clothing to produce a quality product. Safety, long-term weather protection and compactness are the features that make the poncho raincoat an essential accessory.
Brompton is a legendary English folding bike, it is safe and fast. Moreover, it is convenient for transportation, folds easily and quickly. This bike will enhance your feeling of freedom and independence. The sturdy frame and the precise adjustment of all parts improve the transmission, make it easy to control the bike and move at pretty high speed. Brompton bike is freedom, mobility and style.
Lucky Bike
Lucky Bike is a Russian operator of free-floating bike sharing. The company uses domestic software and experience of the city Almetyevsk in order to build an optimal service for Russian cities. The company's goal is not just another bike sharing, but a complex system that changes cities. A combination of convenient service, a friendly ecosystem and deep analytics. Lucky Bike is currently available in Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Novorossiysk and Ryazan.
City of Joensuu / WCC2020
City of Joensuu will host the next International Winter Cycling Congress, in February 2020. Joensuu is the capital of North Carelia region and it is located in the very east of Finland. Joensuu has been determined to develop infrastucture and circumstances for year-round cycling during recent years and has been awarded twice as the cycling municipality of the year in Finland. Welcome to Joensuu in 2020!
VELOMOTORS is the biggest and most developed Russian production and trade association. The company was established in 1996, it specialises in bicycle design, production and assembly. The company had developed its own product lines in Russia and it helped to manage a full production cycle. Then in 2001 the first Russian bicycle brand 'STELS' was created and it easily gained the trust of millions riders.
Aira and Smart Track
Aira is the company that created a SMART TRACK – the city bike project with programmable navigation system and well-designed infrastructure. It includes parking lots, bike repair places, bathrooms with showers and garbage cans. The main goal is to popularize a healthy lifestyle and reduce the traffic in cities. In smart bike lanes SMART TRACK are used polymer plates SELIN®. It forms the navigation system: mark the boundaries of bike lanes, direction of the movement and pedestrian crossing, set the speed limit and warn about the nearest crossroads.
Cultural center Sevkabel Port
March 28-30, 2019, 10 am — 6 pm
Take part in Expo
Producers of bikes, accessories and other interested organizations are invited to take part at the 4th International Cycling Congress Expo.
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