Cycling Congress 2019
March 28-30, 2019. Saint Petersburg, Russia
Saint Petersburg was granted the right to host the international cycling congress in 2019 as a result of an open competition. Joint bid was submitted by the civic project Velosipedization of St.Petersburg and St.Petersburg Bicycle Society under support of Saint Petersburg Committee on Transport Infrastructure Development.
Words of welcome were sent to the participants of the Cycling Congress by Vice Minister of Russia Olga Golodets and by Minister of Transport of Russia Alexey Semyonov.
Detailed program of the 4th international Cycling Congress in Saint Petersburg
Raluca Fiser
Bucharest, Romania
President of the World Cycling Allinace, Vice President – board member of the European Cyclists Federation
Philippe Crist
Paris, France
Advisor for Innovation and Foresight for the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Michael Schulte
Berlin, Germany
Member of the board, Changing Cities e.V., Berlin (volunteer)
Ton Daggers
The Netherlands
Owner of IBC Cycling Consultancy and director of the Movilization foundation
Peter Biczok
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Transport and City Planner, founder of Bicyclize
Zofia Jagielska
Copenhagen, Denmark
Traffic planner specialized in bicycle traffic, The Danish Road Directorate
Malin Månsson
Gothenburg, Sweden
Bicycle policy planner at the city of Gothenburg
Niccolo Panozzo
Projects and Networks Manager at the European Cyclists' Federation
Oleg Stolyarov
Riga, Latvia
Board member in SIA "Velokurjers", Chairman of board in Latvian Center of cycling information
Feridun Ekmekci
National NowWeMove Coordinator at the ENVERÇEVKO — National Eurovelo Coordinator for Turkey
North America
Todd Litman
Victoria, Canada
Founder and executive director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Thomas DeVito
New York, USA
Senior Director of Advocacy at Transportation Alternatives
Aykanysh Derbisheva
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Director of "Urban Initiatives" Foundation
Maksim Puchinsky
Minsk, Belarus
Bicycle infrastructure specialist, board member of the NGO "Minsk cycling community"
Valentina Poznyakova
Gomel, Belarus
Director of the public organization "VeloGomel", Project Manager at IT-company Clevertec
Elena Erzakovich
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Head of public fund Velofriends
Pavel Nischenko
Minsk, Belarus
Minsk city cycle officer, city planner
Svetlana Korol
Gomel, Belarus
Chairman of the public organization "VeloGomel"
Alexey Semenov
Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Class 2 Active State Advisor of the Russian Federation
Darya Tabachnikova
St. Petersburg
Deputy Director at Saint Petersburg Parking Space Management
Vladimir Valdin
St. Petersburg
Director for public transport solutions, LLC "A+S Transproject".
Anastasia Romashkevich
Journalist, author of the blog #velonation, municipal deputy of Presnensky district
Vladimir Lugovenko
Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy in the Field of Motor and Urban Passenger Transport of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation
Olga Potiforova
St. Petersburg
Head of PPP and External Relations Department at Directorate for Development of Transport System of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
Vladimir Zlokazov
Architect-urbanist at LATOON Design Bureau, founder of the project "Live Streets"
Lev Vladov
Head of "Chelyabinsk Urbanist" Community
Dmitry Gusev
Cycle Activist and Entrepreneur
Tasha Konkina
St. Petersburg
"Bike to work" action coordinator in St. Petersburg
Denis Kargaev
Founder of the non-profit cycle school for children and adults "Krasny Nasos" ("Red Pump")
Olga Bakalina
St. Petersburg
Graduate student at Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Mikhail Solomonov
Director of Urban Bike company, Deputy Chairman of Volgograd Cyclists Union for the development of bicycle transport infrastructure
Ivan Ivanov
Chief Architect at Transport Engineering Studio
Grigoriy Skarchenko
Lawyer, Project Coordinator at Bicycle Transportation Union of Irkutsk
Artyom Tsokur
Architect-bike designer, scientist, representative of the administration of Nizhnekamsk
Dmitry Boyko
City planner, director of "GeoKlever" LLC
Dmitry Shmelev
St. Petersburg
Curator of the Western High-Speed Diameter (WHSD) Festival
Natalya Vorobyova
Nikolay Minkevich
St. Petersburg
Pin-mix community administrator
Konstantin Trudik
Coordinator at Lucky Bike project, coordinator of the public movement "VeloKrasnodar"
Dmitry Muromtsev
St. Petersburg
Associate Professor at the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Engineering; Head of the International Scientific Laboratory "Intellectual methods of information processing and semantic technologies" at National Research University ITMO (IT, Mechanics and Optics)
Aleksey Levashev
Technical Head of the Transport Laboratory at INRTU (Irkutsk National Research Technical University)
Aleksandr Devyatkin
Transportation Analyst, formerly Project Manager of the Department of Transport of Moscow
Dmitry Baranov
St. Petersburg
Transport engineer, expert of the OTSLab laboratory of the Institute of Design and Urban Studies of National Research University ITMO (IT, Mechanics and Optics)
Vitaly Blazhenov
St. Petersburg
General Director of "Velogorod" LLC
Aleksandr Lozbenev
St. Petersburg
Founder of all-season cycling club "VeloGod"
Andrey Zolotnitsky
Founder of Citypark LLC
Ksenia Klevtsova
St. Petersburg
Urban Analyst, cycling activist, student at Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University
Denis Minitskij
St. Petersburg
Head of Design Sector at Saint Petersburg Parking Space Management
Daniel Gorokhov
St. Petersburg
Founder at City's Backyard and SeizetheData, freelance urban data scientist, urban designer
Dmitry Kupressov
St. Petersburg
Chief Specialist of the department of prospective development at Saint Petersburg Parking Space Management
Yaroslav Kazakov
Physical Education Teacher
Gavriil Malyshev
St. Petersburg
Urban Analyst at MLA+
Sergey Kondakov
Director of non-profit organization Private cultural institution Museum of bicycle history "Samokat" ("Scooter")
Yana Yanko
Head of the Research Department of Stroy Invest Project Corporation
Aleksandr Borovov
St. Petersburg
Programmer, bicycle locks tzar creator
Vladislav Toporov
St. Petersburg
Employee at the Department of transport planning of AO "Institute Stroyproekt", 3rd category engineer
Vladislav Vasiliev
St. Petersburg
Geophysicist, leading engineer of the Federal State Budgatary Institution "VNIIOkeangeologiya"
Anton Ganichev
Software developer, Find My Bike project author
Anton Sazonov
Director of the autonomous non-profit organization for the development of tourist, local and environmental projects "Planeta" ("Planet")
4th International Cycling Congress
March 28-30, 2019 — Saint Peterburg

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